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Employee Stress Relief Program

Employees stress is a growing concern for organizations today. Stress can be defined as a circumstance in which people face constraints, opportunities, or loss of something they desire and for which the consequence is both unpredictable as well as crucial.

Symptoms of Stress Some of the symptoms of stress at workplace are as follows-

• Absenteeism, escaping from responsibilities, arriving late, leaving early, etc.
• Deterioration in work performance, more error prone work, memory loss, etc.
• Cribbing, over-reacting, arguing, getting irritated, anxiety, etc. • Deteriorating health, more of accidents, etc.
• Improper eating habits (over-eating or under-eating), excessive smoking and drinking, sleeplessness, etc.

It is thus very essential to have effective stress management strategies in an organization so that the detrimental repercussions of stress on the employees as well as their performance can be reduced and controlled.


Dance or Movement therapy is a completely natural approach to stress management. In one way or another dance has been used for many purposes throughout the ages and in different cultures. Dance has been a part of ceremonial and religious events and is an important part of self-expression.

Through dance, it is thought people can identify and express their innermost emotions, bringing those feelings to the surface. In doing so this can bring about a sense of renewal and feelings of unity and completeness. Although individuals have different levels of tolerance to stress, chronic stress will eventually wear down even the strongest person.

Dance therapy is often enjoyable for most people, which is important for longevity purposes and overall wellness. Probably the most important step in reducing stress in your life is to have a good understanding of the nature of stress and to learn how to condition yourself to be able to gain some control over it.



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